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Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic

from United States by Cuisine Tech
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Gum Arabic

Colorless, tasteless, and odorless Gum Arabic is the natural additive used since ancient times to thicken and stabilize ingredients. Excellent for everything from candies like gumdrops and marshmallows to ice creams, sodas, cocktails syrup, and beyond. You’ll love the way Gum Arabic can transform your favorite recipes. Available in 1-pound cans, easily incorporate this powder into your culinary creations to enjoy all its excellent abilities.

What is Gum Arabic?

A complex mixture of glycoproteins and polysaccharides, Gum Arabic, is water-soluble and great for thickening, stabilizing, and emulsifying ingredients. While it has any number of uses: it is predominantly employed in cooking. There is a whole genre of food gums available on the market; Gum Arabic, however, is by far the most popular of these. Endlessly versatile, it is used in everything from soft drinks and confections to a natural form of dietary fiber. Great for emulsions like salad dressings and commercially produced sauces, it stabilizes icings, fillings, soft candy, and so much more.

History of Gum Arabic

Traveling under a host of monikers, you’ll most often see it labeled Gum Arabic but can also frequently be found as Acacia Gum or Gum Acacia because it is harvested from Acacia Trees. Used for centuries, you can trace the use of Gum Arabic back to ancient Egypt. Today the gum is harvested commercially from wild trees in central Africa (mostly Sudan) and across the Sahel from Somalia to Senegal. Its name, at least its most popular one, originated because Gum Arabic was first introduced to Europe via Arabic ports.

Ingredients: Natural gum made from hardened acacia sap.
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