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Algin - Sodium Alginate

from United States by Cuisine Tech
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Algin - Sodium Alginate

The darling of molecular gastronomy, Sodium Alginate, also known as Algin, is the secret ingredient behind the popular method of spherification. Make everything from soups to cocktails into a delightful orb of flavor. With one bite, experience a whole dish as the gentle pop of the exterior gives way to a rush of delicious flavor. Start tasting your favorite recipes, ingredients, and drinks; in a whole new way with Sodium Alginate!

Sourced from brown seaweed, Algin reacts with calcium ions to form a thin gel skin that encapsulates whatever liquid you’ve added into the solution. Perfect for both direct and reverse spherification methods, you’ll find using the Sodium Alginate from Cuisine Tech is simple and straightforward process that yields amazing results! Soluble in both cold and hot liquids, Algin is much less finicky than gelatin, making it a favorite among modernist chefs. While today it’s most famously used for the trendy spherification process, Algin’s versatility in the kitchen does not stop there. An excellent stabilizer and thickener, you’ll find it in a wide range of commercially produced foods like ice cream, yogurt, cheese, pudding, even canned products. Offering a wide range of culinary uses to choose from, be sure to keep a container of Sodium Alginate on hand at all times!

Ingredients: Sodium Alginate manufactured from brown algae.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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