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Crawfish, Whole and Precooked

from Spain
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Crawfish, Whole and Precooked

A staple of classic Cajun cuisine, the crawfish is small in size but mighty in flavor. Slightly salty, crawfish meat has a light mineral finish and a succulent juicy texture that works well in a variety of dishes and cooking applications. Crawfish's singularly delicious flavor is compared most often to a hybrid between crab and shrimp.

Each crawfish provides a small but delightful mouthful of meat located in its tail. Resulting in the approach most eaters take, which is to break the tail off, squeeze out the meat, and simply leave the head behind. This method, however, would be considered nothing short of sacrilege to the true crawfish connoisseur, and a glaring mistake made by rookies and those unlearned in the arts of mudbug dining. While the tail holds the meat, the flavor is all in the head, and traditionalists insist that before discarding, it should be sucked clean. Filled with flavor the head contains a small glob called the hepatopancreas. Essentially the liver, it has a remarkable flavor sort of like what Foie Gras might taste like if it came from the sea. Also known as Crawfish butter, it is considered a delicacy among many.

Sourced from the azure waters of the Mediterranean, our crawfish are harvested in Spain. Sustainably sourced, they are quickly and efficiently cleaned and processed within the same day they are caught to ensure maximum freshness. Still boasting that amazing briny flavor, these delicate little crustaceans are a delight to the palate and a specialty item you won't want to miss.

Already cooked, the hard work is all done for you. Simply reheat in any way you desire, and consume. Throw them back into a hot pot until warmed through, roast in the oven, or remove the meats within and add into your favorite recipes. Great in so many things, use your crawfish meat in much the same way you might use shrimp or crab. Swirl them into creamy pasta, use them in seafood salads, or garnish your canapés and hors d'oeuvres with their tasty meats!

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1601001 10 lb box 9.50 lbs. - 10.50 lbs. $10.69
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