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Rose Water

from Lebanon by Cortas
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Rose Water

The Rosewater from Cortas is some of the finest you’ll find on the market. Made from distilled Damascena roses, it offers an exquisite floral flavor and aroma. Delightful on its own, enjoy Cortas rosewater chilled, or add it to your next cocktail for a refreshing summer drink. From simple to ornate, the exceptional flavor of Rosewater is excellent for so many culinary creations: use it to flavor pastries, cakes, or even savory dishes.

The strong floral notes intrinsic to Rosewater’s profile lend themselves particularly well to Middle Eastern spices and nuts like cardamom, jasmine, saffron, pistachios, almonds, and coconuts. Citrus, especially orange and lemon, are also enhanced by Rosewater. Popular in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, if you enjoy making dishes like baklava, Turkish delight, and more, you’ll want to keep a bottle (or two) on hand at all times.

Cortas is a family-owned business based in Lebanon known for its premium Rosewater which has been in production since 1926. Through the decades, they have continued to produce high-quality foods using traditional methods. The roses used for their famous water are sourced from the Bekka Valley and are never exposed to any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial food coloring. Using only distilled water and extracts from edible roses, their delightful product offers exceptionally authentic and delicous flavor.

Ingredients: Rose water.
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