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Colorful Chocolate Candy Dragees - Flashy Mix

from France by Dragees Reynaud
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Colorful Chocolate Candy Dragees - Flashy Mix

These colorful little chocolate bites are a joy to eat, each one enrobed in a bright, vibrant candy coating that will make you happy just by a look (and even happier once you bite into them!).

Shaped like a traditional Jordan almond, Dragees Reynaud forgoes the almond in this occasion for a soft and crunchy chocolate filling that’s friendlier for the young (or elderly). This collection is a riot of colors – orange, yellow, light blue and green – perfect to perk up any event. Repackage them in pretty cloth or lace bags and tie them up in ribbon for pretty wedding favors or scatter them in bowls for a quick treat while your guests are waiting for the even to start. Separate them by color for a rainbow of color-coordinated treats, to match your color scheme. Endless and delicious possibilities!

These delightful candies come from Dragees Reynaud, a French confectionary located in Marseilles, the heart of Provence. The company hails back to 1956, helmed by a husband and wife couple who started selling their specialties in this region so famous for its almond farms and confectionary. With a selection of old school candies that fill the heart with vintage joy, color and flavor, they have perfected the art of the “celebratory treat”, those adorable little edible details that adorn special occasions like baptisms and communions, weddings, showers and other unique events.

Ingredients: Sugar, dark chocolate 40% (cocoa 70%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanillin aroma), coating agents: arabic gum, shellac, bees wax, carnauba wax, glucose syrup, vanillin, coloring agent: brilliant blue, tartrazine, indigotin, sunset yellow, titanium dioxide. May contain traces of nuts and milk.
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Sweets Selection: Other Sweets & Chocolates
Origin: France

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