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Cervena Venison Denver Leg Portion, Boneless

Cervena Venison Denver Leg Portion, Boneless

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
5 lbs chilled $24.96 $124.80 2019301
5 lbs frozen $20.66 $103.30 2019302
2 x 5 lbs chilled $20.88 $208.80 2019303
2 x 5 lbs frozen $16.80 $168.00 2019304

Cervena Venison Denver Leg Portion, Boneless

Our delightfully savory, Cervena Venison Denver leg portion, is a cut that should not be missed! Composed of a whole hind leg the boneless Denver cut has the hind bone carefully removed, and the muscles separated (this usually comes out to roughly 7-8 individual pieces). Offering full and robust flavor the Denver leg is an economical option with remarkably large yields. Usually, 85% percent of the leg can be fabricated into premium cuts like medallions, steaks, and roasts, while the remaining 15% is all usable trim perfect for stir-frys, stews, and casseroles!

Our Cervena Venison is obtained from one of the foremost meat purveyors in the world, Broadleaf. Sourced from the lush New Zealand countryside, Cervena has come to be thought of as some of the best venison in the world. From pasture to plate, their fully integrated program requires farmers to follow a strict set of rules regarding how the deer are raised, what they’re fed, and how they’re transported, processed, and finally sold onto the marketplace. Fed an all-natural diet, Cervena deer are allowed to graze freely on the open countryside. Cervena farms provide ample living space for the deer, allocating an entire acre per animal, so they have plenty of room to grow and thrive the natural way. This attention to detail results in Cervena deer being some of the healthiest, most delicious game meat you’ll ever try.

While a generic venison leg would be far too tough a cut from which to fabricate portions like medallions and fillets, Cervena deer, are harvested when they are quite young. While the rule stipulates under three years, the majority of them are generally even younger (around 12-24 months). This tender age coupled with very careful processing, results in a meat that is meltingly succulent and bursting with delicious taste. Try our premium Cervena Venison today and taste the difference in this truly sensational game meat!

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