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Golden Caviar

Gold caviar – is a type of luxury caviar that has an iridescent golden color, either from naturally albino sturgeon like Almas beluga, or from adding gold flakes to dark caviar eggs.
Caviar Source
1 - 7 of 7 products
1 - 7 of 7 products
Osetra Special Reserve Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Special Reserve Osetra Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Israel by Markys

This exceptional caviar delivers the glossiest, largest and most flavorful eggs, of superb quality.

5(6 reviews)
American Golden Whitefish Caviar - Malossol
American Golden Whitefish Caviar - Malossol
from United States by Markys

This wonderful caviar from the Northern Great Lakes whitefish is colorful with a crunchy texture.

4.9(8 reviews)
Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Osetra Golden Imperial Malossol Caviar - Farm Raised
from Israel by Markys

The rarest and most prized Osetra, Golden Osetra has large eggs with a buttery, nutty flavor.

4.8(6 reviews)
Tobico  Capelin Ginger Caviar
Tobico Capelin Ginger Caviar
from Iceland by Markys

Also known as Masago, these small orange eggs are used predominantly in sushi, for garnishing nigiris and maki rolls.

4.7(3 reviews)
Osetra Karat Gold Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Osetra Karat Gold Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Israel by Markys

Medium-large pearls of gold, creamy and nutty caviar, with a hint of the sea

4(3 reviews)
Kaluga Fusion Imperial Gold Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Kaluga Fusion Sturgeon Caviar, Imperial Gold - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Asia by Markys

Harvested at the absolute peak of freshness, a fruity, sublime caviar

Pike Roe Caviar
Pike Roe Caviar
from United States by Markys

Add a touch of elegance to dishes with the unique flavor and delightful texture of this gourmet roe!

1 - 7 of 7 products

Natural Gold Caviar from Albino Sturgeon

Albino sturgeon is a rare type of sturgeon that lacks pigmentation, which gives its eggs a distinct golden hue. The roe is harvested from mature female albino sturgeon that are at least ten years old. The most exclusive and expense example of this type of caviar is the coveted Almas from the albino Beluga. This is incredibly rare, and boasts a shimmering golden color and a flavor that’s light and delicate, making it a true one-of-a-kind caviar. This caviar gold is a treasure, and as such comes with a hefty price tag.

The taste is described as rich and buttery, with a slightly nutty flavor. It is typically served cold on a small spoon or on top of a blini with a dollop of crème fraîche. It pairs well with Champagne or other sparkling wines.

Other Types of Gold Caviar

Dyed Caviar

There are other types of fish roe that are dyed to mimic the golden color of albino sturgeon caviar, and these are often sold at a lower price point. One such example is "caviar gold," a product that is made by dyeing the roe of whitefish or paddlefish to give it a golden appearance. It’s significantly less expensive than true albino sturgeon eggs.

Black Gold Caviar

This is a marketing term for black sturgeon eggs. It is produced by sturgeon that are not albino and has a black color. The term caviar black gold is meant to convey that this is a “gold-standard” in caviar, a luxury product, rather than a description of its color. It was also refer to caviar that’s flaked with edible gold, sometimes found served at restaurants around the world as a luxury dish.

Red Gold Caviar

Red gold caviar is used to reference salmon roe, usually the Russian variety.

Gold Caviar Price

The price of gold caviar can vary widely, depending on several factors. The rarity of albino Almas sturgeon and the difficulty of harvesting its eggs make it one of the most expensive types of caviar available. A kilogram of beluga gold caviar can cost upwards of $30,000.

Some gold sturgeon eggs are usually more expensive than black sturgeon, while the gold-flaked varieties fetch higher prices due to the addition of edible gold flakes. Dyed caviars on the other hand are on the inexpensive end.

Buying Gold Caviar

If you are interested in trying gold caviar, there are several options available. We carry various types of caviar, including golden and black sturgeon It is important to make sure that you are buying from a trusted source, as there are many counterfeit caviar products on the market, and at Gourmet Food Store we source our caviar from the most reputable suppliers. With over 20 years in the market, we’re an obvious choice to fulfill your caviar dreams! Whether you are looking to splurge on a special occasion or simply want to try something new, gold caviar is a delicious and decadent choice.

Caviar Gold Reviews

You’ll find that people who’ve tried this luxury ingredient rave about its fascinating color and wonderful flavor, so it’s definitely something you want to try if you ever come across it.

Golden Caviar Questions And Answers

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