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Almond Extract

Almond Extract

from United States by Boyajian
1 bottle - 3.4 fl oz room temp $7.20 $7.20
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Almond Extract

A favorite among bakers and pastry professionals for its intense flavor, the extracts from Boyajian are unparalleled in terms of quality. Second only to vanilla in its popularity, almond extract is one of the most delicious, aromatic, and versatile extracts available. Add remarkable depth to your baking and pastry with a few drops of almond extract. Ideal for classics like macarons, marzipan, and biscotti, a little extract offers an intensity of flavor and aroma and helps enhance recipes that already contain almond flour. Non-GMO, Kosher, and Gluten Free everyone can enjoy this tasty Almond Extract from Boyajian!

For thousands of years mankind has been enamored by the singularly delightful qualities of the almond. Originating in the Middle East along the Mediterranean coast, it has been a mainstay of some of our most famous ancient civilizations. The Pharoahs of Egypt flavored their bread with almond oils, and Cleopatra was so taken with it that she is rumored to have bathed in almond milk.

Its popularity, as well as its seeds, spread to Italy and Spain in the 1500s and quickly became a central element in both cultures' culinary traditions. Finally making its way to the New World with the conquistadors, heavily perfumed almond orchards now dot the fields of California as well. A mainstay in jams, cakes, cooks, and liquors, this singularly delicious nut and its captivating aroma, continue to beguil us today. Always keep a few bottles of this sensational extract on hand for all your baking, cooking, and beyond!

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, oil of almond
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