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Whole Cloves

from United States by Badia
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Whole Cloves

This bold and flavorful spice has been around since ancient times, and is definitely one of those must-haves for the spice cabinet. This is a strong, unapologetic spice that must be used with care, else it will overpower the dish. Perfect for baking - especially gingerbread, but also paired with vanilla, red meat marinades, mulled red wine recipes, and even in Vietnamese pho. Whole cloves are best used for savory applications.
Ingredients: Cloves.
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Whole Cloves Recipes

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Honey and Red Wine Glazed Ham Recipe
This recipe for a mouthwatering glazed ham will make you the talk of the dinner party circle. Glazed with a mix of honey, sugar and red wine, it's sweet, it's savory, it's impressive and it will keep you going for many meals.
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