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Sherry Vinegar D.O.P.

from Spain by Albareda
Item description Temp PRICE PER UNIT Price Qty Sku
12.7 oz room temp $5.02 $5.02 1915201
12 x 12.7 oz room temp $3.64 $43.68 1915203
67 oz room temp $18.90 $18.90 1915202
2 x 67 oz room temp $18.26 $36.52 1915204

Sherry Vinegar D.O.P.

Sherry Vinegar D.O.P. is known as "Vinagre de Jerez" in Spanish. Along with Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale from Italy, Vinagre de Jerez is among the very few vinegars safeguarded by European law, with its own protected designation of origin. Hence, you can be assured of the authentic gourmet quality of this vinegar. It has a sharp, intense flavor and 7% acidity, and is especially well-suited for dressing potatoes or salads with exquisite flavor, or for making out-of-this-world vinaigrettes.

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Ingredients: Sherry Vinegar, Antioxidant: E-224. Contains sulfites.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Vinegar: Sherry Vinegar
Origin: Spanish

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