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Portuguese Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil - 2019

from Portugal by Zingerman's
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Portuguese Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil - 2019

Vintage sardines are a delicacy and a must have pantry staple for anyone who loves food. These gourmet sardines in olive oil hail from 2019: a year that has been carefully preserved in each tin.

Portugal's coastal waters are renowned for their abundant sardine population. These tinned fish are an example of the best the seas can produce. Bathed in premium olive oil, the briny flavor of each fish is enhanced with a rich, voluptuous quality while also serving as a natural preservative, allowing them to age gracefully. Vintage sardines develop a nuanced flavor profile over time, highlighted by hints of deep umami and balanced by the natural sweetness of the fish.

Serve your sardines as a classic Portuguese tapa accompanied by crusty bread and a glass of vinho verde. The ideal addition to a mezze platter, plate them side-by-side with olives, artisanal cheese and your favorite cured meats for a Mediterranean feast. A hearty topping for salads and an easy and delicious mix-in for pasta and rice-based dishes. Or simply savor them directly from the tin, allowing the aged flavors to unfold and transport you to the shores of Portugal.

With their vintage label, Portuguese heritage, and complex flavor profile, these canned sardines offer a unique gastronomic experience. Whether you're indulging in tapas, enhancing salads, or crafting gourmet canapés, these savory fish will infuse your creations with a taste of Portugal's culinary tradition.

Ingredients: Sardines, olive oil, sea salt
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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