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Double-Brewed Soy Sauce

Double-Brewed Soy Sauce

from United States by Yugeta Shoyu
1 bottle - 360 ml room temp $13.82 $13.82 3331203
12 bottles - 360 ml ea room temp $12.44 $149.28 3331204

Double-Brewed Soy Sauce

Richer in flavor and thicker than the usual single-brewed variety, this double-brewed shoyu from Yugeta is a delicious balance of complex flavor. A truly unique tasting experience, this double-brewed soy sauce at once tastes less salty than traditional varieties yet more intensely flavorful. Its viscous consistency and stand-alone flavor profile make it great for use as a dipping sauce. Easily incorporate deep umami flavor into all your dishes with our extraordinary double-brewed soy sauce from Yugeta!

Through a unique creation process, Yugeta produces its double-brewed soy sauce. Starting with a ‘regular’ single-brewed batch of shoyu, a second batch of sauce is created. However, instead of adding the usual amounts of water and salt to the ingredients, an equal quantity of finished soy sauce is used. This double-brewing creates a thick and luxurious sauce and lends exceptional flavor to the finished condiment. Rich and savory, a little of this shoyu immediately adds a complex flavor to whatever you’re preparing. Perfect for all manner of vegetables, seafood, meats, and cheeses, it pairs beautifully with them all. For an instant hit of deep, umami flavor, try this soy sauce from Yugeta.

Produced exclusively from Japanese-grown soybeans, wheat, and sea salt, only locally sourced ingredients make it into this specialty condiment. Free of additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. Its singular complexities and nuances of flavor come from a long fermentation period and time-tested techniques. Brewed naturally, be sure to refrigerate your soy sauce after opening to preserve its singularly delicious flavor. Available for purchase singly or in bulk trays of twelve, get exactly the amounts you need right here at Gourmet Food Store!

Just outside Tokyo, in the Saitama Prefecture, Yugeta has been creating traditional Japanese soy sauce for close to 100 years. In 1923 they began their business, and four generations later, Mr. Yohichi Yugeta continues to keep the family tradition alive. Using techniques developed centuries ago, this naturally brewed shoyu has a simple list of ingredients but one of the most complex flavor profiles of any condiment. Truly a specialty item worth trying, do not miss the opportunity to taste this double-brewed soy sauce.

Ingredients: water, soy bean, wheat, salt
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