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Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steak MS4 - Whole

from Australia by Broadleaf
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
14 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $53.66 $45.61 $751.24 $638.54
3 x 14 lbs, whole, uncut chilled $48.50 $42.92 $2,037.00 $1802.64

Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steak MS4 - Whole

Wagyu is one of the most coveted meats in the world, and with good reason. Marrying together all the best characteristics of meat Wagyu provides bold flavor and a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth quality that is unrivaled in other forms of beef. A truly sensational product, our Wagyu Ribeye is the meat lover's first choice and the chef's secret weapon. One of the most reliable ways to indulge in the intoxicating eating experience Wagyu provides, our whole uncut Ribeye is not something to be missed!

Our whole Wagyu Ribeye is graded MS4 on the Australian Wagyu scale. The letters MS stand for Marbling Score (and spans the numbers 3-9), landing this Ribeye on the leaner end of the spectrum. Perfect for dishes that require less fat and more bite to the meat, this is the ideal choice for anyone who prefers their steaks slightly less rich but still wants to enjoy all the characteristics that make Wagyu a global luxury item.

Sourced from one of the leading purveyors of specialty and exotic meats, we procure this portion from Broadleaf. Devoted to finding and offering the best meats in the world, Broadleaf consistently delivers the finest gourmet meats that are free of nasty additives, hormones, and antibiotics. Wholesome as well as delicious, these sustainably raised cattle are brought up in the vast outback of Australia, adhering closely to the farming practices established in Japan by the first Wagyu farmers. Australia has earned recognition for producing cattle with exceptional flavor, a tender, fine-grained texture, and marbling to rival, and even exceed, the finest Wagyu beef from Japan. Try it for yourself today and start experiencing this gourmet beef at its finest.

Marble Score: 4
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Wagyu Beef Cuts: Rib Eye
Whole or Cut: Whole Muscles
Marble Scores and Grades: Wagyu Marble Score 3 and 4
Wagyu Beef Origin: Australian

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2051807 14 lbs, whole, uncut 12.00 lbs. - 16.00 lbs. $53.66 $45.61
2051807 14 lbs, whole, uncut 12.00 lbs. - 16.00 lbs. $53.66 $45.61
2051808 3 x 14 lbs, whole, uncut 36.00 lbs. - 48.00 lbs. $48.50 $42.92
2051808 3 x 14 lbs, whole, uncut 36.00 lbs. - 48.00 lbs. $48.50 $42.92
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