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Smoked Chicken and Pomegranate Sausages

from United States by Jody Maroni
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12 oz pack, 4 links frozen $9.90 $7.50 2034201

Smoked Chicken and Pomegranate Sausages

Brunch, breakfast, afternoon salad...whatever it is, it just got a lot more hip and a lot more exotic, thanks to these Chicken and Pomegranate Sausages from Jody Maroni. Made with all-natural ingredients from a homemade recipe, these coarsely ground sausages combine lean, flavorful chicken with fresh basil, roasted garlic and cardamom for a sweet, Mediterranean finish. Naturally low in sodium and fat, they're healthy as well as delicious, packed into a natural pork casing and ready to pop on the grill.

Jody Maroni is a California-based company that specializes in the crafting of high quality gourmet sausages. Starting out as a hugely popular sausage grill on Venice Beach in 1979, they've since expanded into a national restaurant chain, offering a diverse range of creative, homemade style sausages made with all-natural ingredients, including prime meats, wines, fruits and spices.

Ingredients: chicken, pomegranate juice, water, basil, salt, spices, minced onions, garlic, sodium phosphate, beet powder, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, in natural pork casing.
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2034201 12 oz pack, 4 links 0.70 lbs. - 0.80 lbs. $9.90
2034201 12 oz pack, 4 links 0.70 lbs. - 0.80 lbs. $9.90
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