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Snow Crab Clusters

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Snow Crab Clusters

While a crisp crab cake or a creamy seafood pasta is always delicious, there’s something primally satisfying about breaking into and enjoying a crab leg! Known for their flavorful snow-white leg meat, we love the look and taste of Snow Crab. Requiring nothing more than a small dish of clarified butter and a couple of lemon wedges there’s nothing easier to serve, and arguably nothing more delicious!

While king crab legs are sold individually, thanks to their gargantuan size, snow crabs are offered in what they call “clusters”. Clusters generally consist of several legs, even a claw or two, clustered together like a bunch of bananas. Filled with juicy, succulent flesh, the meat of the snow crab is snow white (hence the name) and characterized by a subtle briny taste and a distinctly sweet finish. With more delicate shells than other crustaceans, the snow crab can easily be broken into and picked clean by hand. This makes it a popular choice for many occasional crab eaters who don't want to invest in specialty silverware to enjoy their seafood. Sold in 30lb containers, this is the perfect size for a big family meal or if hosting a party.

Sourced from Canada’s chilly seas, our snow crabs are harvested in a sustainable and environmentally conscious method. With an eye towards the future, we’re always conscious to work with companies that take wildlife sustainability and the effects that fishing takes on the environment seriously. That’s why we’re proud to be offering snow crabs caught using the “pot” method from Canada. Whereas Russian snow crab fishing methods are unregulated, Canadian and Alaskan fisheries are highly controlled. The population is carefully monitored to ensure it is healthy and stays within safe numbers. Bycatch and habitat impacts are minimal, and management has proven to be highly effective. Available year-round, when looking for snow crabs, make the "best choice” and choose Gourmet Food Store!

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