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Shrimp Burgers

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10 lbs - 4 oz burgers frozen $93.88 $93.88 1603701
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Shrimp Burgers

These delicious shrimp burgers do not disappoint! Packed with sensational taste, each flawlessly seasoned patty is bursting with bold juicy flavor. Pre-formed and individually frozen, our shrimp burgers are ideal to have on hand at all times. The perfect lunch or light dinner, these burgers provide a quick and easy meal without sacrificing any quality. Move over beef, our shrimp burgers are the way of the future!

While you can make a burger out of pretty much anything, some meats lend themselves especially well to these classic sandwiches: and shrimp is one of them. Delivering superior flavor and a tender, juicy texture with just enough bite, they can rival any burger set beside them. Shrimp, thanks to their natural gelatin, hold seasonings especially well. And these pre-formed and seasoned patties have been expertly flavored. Covered with a delightful blend of seasonings that enhances their natural taste, each patty offers a truly special burger-eating experience.

Easy to make and full of flavor, shrimp burgers are sure to become everyone’s favorite as soon as they try them. A combination of pureed and roughly chopped shrimp, these patties have a uniquely delicious texture, lending themselves to a wide array of toppings and flavor pairings. Perfect between two buns, these patties also make an excellent addition to salads, and provide stand-out flavor when chopped and stuffed into seafood wraps or spring rolls. No matter how your choose to prepare and serve these sensational shrimp burgers, we’re certain you’ll love the taste they bring to each and every dish they’re a part of.

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