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Sakura Duroc Pork Belly, Single Rib

from United States by Heritage Berkshire
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1 piece - 9 lbs frozen $17.00 $153.00
4 x 1 piece - 9 lbs frozen $13.50 $486.00

Sakura Duroc Pork Belly, Single Rib

The perfect balance of luxurious fat and well-marbled meat, our Sakura Duroc pork belly is one of our most popular options. Pork bellies of this caliber are only found on Sakura hogs, easily taking all your recipes to the next level in terms of bold meaty flavor. Sold in one large slab, each of our hefty, Sakura Duroc bellies weighs in at around nine pounds. Available singly or in packs of four, get just the right amount for all your culinary needs.

Our pork belly starts with a skinless belly portion. The side ribs are carefully removed, and all soft cartilage, membrane, and any of the hard brisket separated, leaving you with just the delicious heavily marbled belly and a single layer of rib bones on the surface. With thick layers of creamy, buttery fat and savory meat, slice thin and pan fry for a crispy treat or cube them and braise for a more traditional preparation.

Pork belly is a versatile portion that can be used for a wide range of popular dishes. Though most commonly associated with American bacon, pork belly it is also classically used in Asian barbecue or the Japanese favorite, shabu shabu.

Our Sakura Duroc single rib pork belly is sourced from Heritage Berkshire, your number one purveyor of premium high-quality pork. Raised on small, family-owned farms throughout the Midwest, our Sakura hogs come from the heritage Duroc breed. Originally brought from Europe, the Duroc has risen to prominence among American farmers as well thanks to its superior marbling, rich flavor profile, and deep red coloring.

To be marketed as Sakura, these Duroc hogs are raised under strict regulations and guidelines. From birth, Sakura Duroc hogs are only given specialty vegetarian feed, consisting of a wholesome combination of soy and corn. Never administered any hormones, antibiotics, or additives, our Sakura Duroc hogs closely follow these farm management and raising techniques to achieve consistently superior quality meat. Raised in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner, not only is our Sakura Duroc pork delicious, but it’s also the healthy choice for you and the planet.

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Meat and Game: Pork
Cuts: Pork Belly
Origin: United States

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