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Potatoes Gnocchi - Fresh Frozen Pasta

from United States
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Potatoes Gnocchi - Fresh Frozen Pasta

Gnocchi’s plump pillowy texture and subtle flavor profile make it the ideal pairing for rich, creamy sauces and bold flavors. From meaty tomato sauce to luxurious cream-based ones, the versatility of potato gnocchi knows no bounds! And now it’s easier than ever to enjoy the manifold virtues of gnocchi with our fresh-frozen options.

Made in the traditional Italian method, our potato gnocchi is carefully crafted using only the best quality ingredients. Flash-frozen separately, before being packaged, there’s no need to worry about sticking or clumping in the freezer, allowing you to portion out exactly what you need. Ready in a matter of minutes, simply throw your gnocchi into hot water, and once they float to the surface they’re done! From appetizer to main, gnocchi is tasty no matter when or where it’s served.

One of the most popular dishes in Italy gnocchi is loved for its wonderfully yielding pillowy texture and rich taste. In fact, it’s so well-loved that every region in Italy, from Lombardy to Tuscany, has their own interpretation of it. Some serve it simply, in butter and Parmesan, while others toss it in a cheesy sauce before passing it under a grill to crisp the top. While there is no end of ways to dress-up and serve gnocchi, the through-line of these delightful potato dumplings is their wonderfully delicious flavor and their characteristic grooves. The grooves are made with anything, from specially dedicated wooden utensils to simple household objects, like the tines of a fork. And while they each may look slightly different, their purpose is vitally important. The grooves and crannies act as a place where sauce can hide so that each bite of these little dumplings has a surprising amount of savory sauce attached to it, guaranteeing full-flavor with each bite. But don’t take our word for it, try these tasty potato gnocchi for yourself for a delicious and authentic taste of Italy!

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Origin: United States

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