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Almond Paste 50% - Baking (raw)

by Pastry 1
Item description Temp PRICE PER UNIT Price Qty Sku
1 block - 2.2 lbs room temp $37.35 $37.35
6 blocks - 2.2 lbs ea room temp $33.62 $201.72

Almond Paste 50% - Baking (raw)

This raw Spanish Almond Paste from Pastry 1 offers a flavorful and aromatic element perfect for baking your favorite desserts. Available in 2.2-pound bricks, each block of almond paste is composed of 50% almonds blended with sugar and stabilizers (to prevent separation). Great for filling pastries, chocolates, cookies, and so much more, you’ll love the range of this seemingly simple ingredient.

A foundational ingredient in many German baked goods, almond paste is soft, moist, and relatively coarse. Rather than being a treat enjoyed on its own, like marzipan (yes, they are two different things), almond paste is best incorporated into recipes. Cream into cake batters and cookie doughs to add flavor, sweetness, moisture, and chew. Roll out and layer into brownies, tarts, galettes, and petit fours. Cube and fold into scones, muffins, and quick bread to create soft pockets of sweet nuttiness. No matter how you choose to use this 50% almond paste, we’re certain you’ll love how it easily transforms all your favorite recipes!

Ingredients: Sugar, almonds 50%, stabilisers, glycerol E422, dextrose stabiliser, sorbitol E420
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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