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Organic Soy Sauce

from United States by Yamaki Jozo
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Organic Soy Sauce

This gorgeous soy sauce is light yet well-balanced, boasting a mild saltiness punctuated by sweet fruity notes of A gorgeously hued rose-colored shoyu, it delivers big flavor, and what’s more, it’s traditionally brewed using locally grown soybeans, wheat, and salt. Even the water is sourced from a local natural spring. For a delicious as well as wholesome option, try this sensational shoyu from Japan’s historic soy sauce brewery Yamaki Jozo.

Founded in 1902 in Saitama Prefecture, outside of Tokyo, Yamaki Jozo produces its traditionally brewed sauce using only premium, Japan-grown ingredients. Located at the foot of a mountain that provides the brewery with pristine spring water, the setting is truly idyllic, and the resulting shoyu with its incredible coloring and flavor reflects that. Made using traditional methods that have been passed down for over a century, Yamaki Jozo ferments their shoyu in large cedar vats. Using nothing more than pesticide-free soybeans, wheat, locally sourced sea salt, and the aforementioned spring water, they let time do the work, using a slow fermentation process that takes upwards of two years. This attention to detail and quality results in a soy sauce that remains unparalleled in terms of its nuanced flavor profile and its aromatic full-bodied finish. Presented annually as a gift to the emperor of Japan, this soy sauce will make an incredible addition to your kitchen.

With a good soy sauce in your pantry a little fish, fresh mushrooms, broccoli, sweet potato, tofu, or eggs, is transformed and elevated into a truly special meal. One of the foundational elements of traditional Japanese cooking, keep your kitchen well-stocked at all times with this remarkable condiment, and take every recipe from good to spectacular with our organic soy sauce from Yamaki Jozo! Available by the bottle or in bulk cases of 12, our 500ml containers are carefully packed and shipped straight to your door to prevent breakage or temperature spike during transit. Once opened, be sure to refrigerate your soy sauce to preserve its singularly delicious flavor.

Ingredients: water, soybeans, organic whole wheat, sea salt
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Asian Ingredient Categories: Asian Sauces, Soy Sauce
Origin: United States

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