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New Zealand Cervena Venison NY Strip Loin

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
1.75 lbs chilled $38.20 $66.85 2057701
1.75 lbs frozen $26.06 $45.60 2057702
10 x 1.75 lbs chilled $34.38 $601.65 2057703
10 x 1.75 lbs frozen $21.88 $382.90 2057704

New Zealand Cervena Venison NY Strip Loin

Tender, flavorful, and boneless, the Venison Strip Loin is the chef's first choice and the gourmand’s favorite portion. Marrying the two best qualities into one dynamic piece, the Strip Loin has almost as much tenderness as the Tenderloin but way more flavor. Our Cervena Venison Strip Loin is carefully butchered and cleaned, completely denuding it of all exterior silver skin, gristle, and fat, allowing you to fabricate steaks, medallions, and roasts with ease.

The ideal option for when you want to make a dynamic presentation, our Cervena Venison NY Strip Loin provides a wealth of culinary options. Roast whole for an impressive presentation, fabricate into classic NY Strip steaks, or elegant individual medallions. No matter how you choose to portion this delicious Venison cut, we know you and all your guests will enjoy its succulent, juicy qualities and its unparalleled taste.

Certified Cervena Venison from New Zealand, this NY Strip Loin is sourced from free-range red deer. 100% grass-fed, Cervena deer are harvested under three years of age to ensure their meat is wonderfully tender and their flavor profile remains mild. Unlike wild deer, Cervena has a subtle flavor profile with none of the gaminess associated with game meats. Boasting a superior taste, yet with all the health benefits of a free-range grass-fed and finished animal, our Venison provides the best of both worlds!

Naturally lean (venison contributes about ⅕ the saturated fat of generic beef), yet is high in protein and bursting with other essential nutrients like selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and more. Requiring little to no prep work our free-range Venison is naturally flavorful, thanks to its varied and natural diet, making seasonings optional. Leaner than most other meats Venison is best enjoyed cooked medium-rare unless you’re braising or incorporating into a soup or stew.

This product is distributed by Broadleaf Game, one of America's premier suppliers of specialty meats. Based near Los Angeles, California, they source their meats from the finest farms and pastures around the world, offering such fantastic quality meats as Australian Wagyu beef, Texas Wild Boar, and New Zealand Venison. These meats come from animals raised under strict quality requirements, with a humane lifestyle and a diet free from chemicals, hormones, or steroids, ensuring that you always receive a sustainable, first-rate product to serve on the dinner table.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Meat and Game: Venison
Cuts: Striploin
Origin: New Zealand

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Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
2057701 1.75 lbs 1.25 lbs. - 2.25 lbs. $38.20
2057701 1.75 lbs 1.25 lbs. - 2.25 lbs. $38.20
2057702 1.75 lbs 1.25 lbs. - 2.25 lbs. $26.06
2057702 1.75 lbs 1.25 lbs. - 2.25 lbs. $26.06
2057703 10 x 1.75 lbs 14.00 lbs. - 21.00 lbs. $34.38
2057703 10 x 1.75 lbs 14.00 lbs. - 21.00 lbs. $34.38
2057704 10 x 1.75 lbs 14.00 lbs. - 21.00 lbs. $21.88
2057704 10 x 1.75 lbs 14.00 lbs. - 21.00 lbs. $21.88
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