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from Morocco by Mediterranean Gourmet
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A North African staple, couscous is a delicious addition to any meal. The perfect base for curries, roasted vegetables, and meats, it lends itself to every flavor profile and spice blend. With a tender texture, these tiny beads of pasta are the quick and tasty way to create hearty salads, simple sides, and a host of other delightful dishes. Keep a few boxes of our tasty Moroccan couscous from Mediterranean Gourmet on hand at all times to help ensure your meals come together quickly and always deliver the most delicious results.

For a quick and healthy side dish, couscous is a breeze to make and cooks up fluffy and delicious with the individual grains remaining chewy and tender. A healthy alternative to pasta, couscous is made from whole wheat flour. Less refined this complex carbohydrate has the addictively delicious texture of pasta without many of the unhealthy correlations. Taking on the flavor of the dishes it’s paired with better than both pasta and rice, couscous is the unanimous favorite of chefs, gourmands, and all who try it!

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