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Peach Jam, Organic

from Spain by Lorusso
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Peach Jam, Organic

All your favorite characteristics of a perfect summer peach; are encapsulated in each delicious bite of this artisan peach jam. Aromatic and bursting with flavor, this gourmet jam is handmade in small batches. Studded with real peach pieces enjoy the natural flavor and texture of premium Spanish peaches in this delightful condiment.

Exquisite consumed on its own or alongside your favorite meals, this ingredient is a versatile addition to recipes ranging from roasted meats and veggies, to any number and variety of desserts. Lending itself well to both sweet and salty recipes, you'll love the range of this peach condiment.

All the ingredients Lorusso uses: are sourced from local organic farms; situated in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain. Made with simple ingredients: this fruit spread is made from only peaches, lemon, and pure cane sugar. A wholesome, healthy option you'll love the tart and tasty flavor of this Spanish peach jam!

Ingredients: Peach 85%, cane sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin.
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