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Blueberry Jam, Organic

from Spain by Lorusso
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Blueberry Jam, Organic

Intensely flavorful in a way other jams can only dream of, this Organic blueberry jam from Lorusso offers big taste. Aromatic and delightfully flavorful this artisanal blueberry jam is made from 100% organic, locally sourced blueberries. Free of artificial colors or preservatives: the taste, smell, and striking color is all real!

Lorusso's award-winning lineup of jams and jellies has risen to the top thanks to the high ratio of fruit in each of their jars. A whopping 85% percent of this luxurious blueberry jam is pure blueberries! Lower in sugar than most competitors, the true flavors of their premium produce shine their brightest.

Extra smooth, this organic blueberry spread is the ideal way to start your day or end it. The perfect pairing for your morning toast or a tasty addition to your favorite dessert, you'll love the way this one condiment enhances everything it's paired with!

Lorusso is a small Spanish-Italian family-owned business nestled in the small Andalusian village of Chercos in Spain's southernmost region. Thanks to ongoing relationships with organic local farms, they are able to source all the produce for their jams within their own community.

Receiving premium fruit the same day it's harvested; this exceptional method for creating their products results in a series of jams with such high quality and intense flavor you'll never want to use any other. Recipients of several international awards, be sure to sample all the incredible condiments on offer from Lorusso.

Ingredients: Blueberries 85%, cane sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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