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Grass Fed Beef Top Blade Flat Iron

Grass Fed Beef Top Blade Flat Iron

from Australia by Angus Pure Special Reserve
2 pieces, 7 lbs ea chilled $10.64 $148.96
2 pieces, 7 lbs ea frozen $10.64 $148.96
4 x 2 pieces, 7 lbs ea chilled $9.20 $515.20
4 x 2 pieces, 7 lbs ea frozen $9.20 $515.20

Grass Fed Beef Top Blade Flat Iron

The flat iron steak is the true hidden gem of beef cuts. Second only in tenderness to the tenderloin, but available at a fraction of the price, the flat iron steak has a velvety fine grain. Well-marbled and juicy, it absorbs flavor well, making it perfect for marinating. Thanks to its high-ratio of intramuscular fat, it's the ideal meat for the grill as it won't dry out during cooking. Also known as top blade steak, shoulder blade steak, and blade fillet, this cut is harvested from the shoulder of the cow, called the chuck, and has intensely beefy taste. Uniform in thickness there’s no need to trim this steak to ensure even cooking. Carefully prepared, all our steaks are ready to go as soon as they’re thawed.

Our grass-fed and finished flat iron steak is one of our tastiest cuts, and thanks to AngusPure, it’s also some of the healthiest meat you can choose to enjoy. Raised on 100% native New Zealand grasses, AngusPure provides their herds with wide-open pastures where they can graze at will. This natural lifestyle and diet combine to make our beef some of the most delicious on the market. With a singularly delicious flavor, grass-fed beef not only tastes more intensely meaty than generic grain-fed beef, but it’s also healthier. Packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and healthy fats at much higher rates than feed-lot beef, our lean and tasty meat is some of the finest on the market. But don’t take our word for it, try the delightful taste of AngusPure New Zealand beef today and taste the difference for yourself!

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