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Elk Burgers

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
40 patties, 4 oz ea frozen $12.05 $120.50
30 patties, 5.3 oz ea frozen $12.05 $120.50
20 patties, 8 oz ea frozen $12.05 $120.50

Elk Burgers

Everyone loves a good burger, but when that burger is made of premium grass-fed elk, we simply can’t get enough! Our patties come in a range of sizes, from the usual 4-ounce to a generous 5.3-ounce, to positively gargantuan, 8-ounce patties! So whether you’re jazzing up your typical sandwich or creating monster burgers, we’ve got an option for every appetite. Creating familiar dishes with not so familiar ingredients allows us to experience all our favorite recipes in a new and delicious way. Our ultra-tender elk burger patties have the perfect ratio of fat to meat to create flavorful, juicy perfection in every bite, trust us, no one will miss the beef.

Our high-quality elk meat is sourced from one of the world’s leading meat providers Broadleaf. Lauded for their stellar assortment of only the finest meats, their elk is no exception. Sourced from New Zealand, our elk are raised in a manner very similar to how they would live in the wild. Grass-fed and finished, these massive ranches allow an acre of land for each animal, so they have plenty of room to live, grow, and develop the natural way. Humanely harvested and carefully processed, the resulting flavor and texture are the true indicator that these animals have been raised the right way. Try them for yourself today and taste the difference.

Carefully packaged in insulating boxes to keep your meat at the ideal temperature during transit, our elk burgers will arrive at your door still cold, and in some cases, still frozen! We take every precaution to ensure your meats arrive in excellent condition, shipping all perishable items overnight so there is no worry of them thawing or being exposed to high heats. Never has enjoying premium game meats been easier. Simply a click away, start enjoying our fantastic offering of gourmet elk patties and so much more at Gourmet Food Store!

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Meat and Game: Elk
Cuts: Burgers and Grinds
Origin: New Zealand

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Product Pricing Per Pound

This product is priced per pound, and your final charge will be based on the actual weight of the item when shipped. The price displayed in your shopping cart is an estimate. You will be billed according to the exact weight of the product at the price per pound once it ships. For your convenience, the chart below provides estimated weight ranges and the corresponding price per pound.

Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
2026301 40 patties, 4 oz ea 9.80 lbs. - 10.20 lbs. $12.05
2026301 40 patties, 4 oz ea 9.80 lbs. - 10.20 lbs. $12.05
2026302 30 patties, 5.3 oz ea 9.80 lbs. - 10.20 lbs. $12.05
2026302 30 patties, 5.3 oz ea 9.80 lbs. - 10.20 lbs. $12.05
2026303 20 patties, 8 oz ea 9.80 lbs. - 10.20 lbs. $12.05
2026303 20 patties, 8 oz ea 9.80 lbs. - 10.20 lbs. $12.05
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