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Eel- Whole, Gutted, Skin Off

from Madagascar by Markys
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2 lbs eel room temp $35.78 $71.56 1621501

Eel- Whole, Gutted, Skin Off

Enjoy some of your favorite seafood at its most convenient with our whole eel! Gutted and skinned, it’s never been quicker to whip up your favorite eel-centric dishes.

All over the world you’ll find this fish is a popular choice, featured prominently in many cuisines. From Japanese Eel Sushi to Unadon, smoked, grilled, even jellied, there are no end of tasty ways to prepare this fish.

What Does Eel Taste Like?

There are two main camps into which eel falls: freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater eel is firmer in texture, with flesh that, when cooked, is reminiscent of lobster.

Saltwater Eel, in contrast, is less oily than its fresh counterpart; it’s also leaner with a milder finish. The flesh of the saltwater eel is softer in texture and boasts an almost sweet taste.

We love the tenderness of the saltwater eel and find its milder profile complements a wide range of flavors and food pairings, making these whole eels some of our favorites.

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1621501 2 lbs eel 1.80 lbs. - 2.20 lbs. $35.78
1621501 2 lbs eel 1.80 lbs. - 2.20 lbs. $35.78
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