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Sterlet Caviar

Sterlet caviar – is a type of caviar that comes from the Sterlet sturgeon, a small fish species that’s found in the Caspian Sea. Its small silver-grey caviar pearls have a wonderful nutty flavor with a velvety, smooth finish.

Caviar Source
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1 - 2 of 2 products
Sterlet Caviar Gift Set | Caviar Sampler | Gourmet Food Store
Sterlet Caviar Gift Set
from Germany by Markys

A lovely caviar gift set featuring our lustrous Sterlet caviar, farm raised in Germany, plus creme fraiche and blini.

Sterlet Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
Sterlet Caviar - Malossol, Farm Raised
from Germany by Markys

Like little orbs of quartz, these earthy-tasting pearls are similar to Sevruga, only brighter and richer.

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1 - 2 of 2 products

Sterlet Caviar Info

The sterlet is a very small fish, and in turn, produces smallish eggs. However, it also matures more rapidly than other caviar, making it more readily available – there’s less time for the fish to grow and produce eggs, as opposed to Beluga, which takes over 20 years. In comparison, the sterlet takes 3 to 12.

There are different varieties of this caviar: golden and black. The most common has buttery silvery grey pearls that shimmer beautifully on mother of pearl and offers a rich flavor and smooth, velvety texture. It’s comparable in flavor to another premium sturgeon caviar, the coveted Sevruga, but with much smaller eggs. You’ll love the brilliant beads with their lingering buttery finish and shimmering color.

Golden Sterlet

The other variety is the very rare Golden Sterlet fish roe. This has a gorgeous gold color and comes from an extremely rare albino fish. The rarity of golden sterlet caviar makes it fetch a higher price, but flavor-wise it’s identical to the black variety – the only difference is the color. Sterlet caviar size doesn’t vary between golden and black, so again, you’ll find identical pearls in both. Golden sterlet is sometimes incorrectly marketed as Golden Sevruga.

Flavor and Size

The flavor of Sterlet sturgeon caviar is often described as nutty and buttery, with a slight saltiness. The eggs are small and golden in color, with a firm texture that melts in your mouth. The size of Sterlet caviar is smaller than that of other caviar types, which contributes to its unique flavor and texture.

Sterlet Caviar Price

Like Beluga, Osetra, and most sturgeon fish, the Sterlet sturgeon is an endangered species, and as a result, the production of its caviar is highly regulated. It is important to buy Sterlet caviar from a reputable source that can provide information about its origin and production process. We source ours from reputable aquafarms in Germany and Florida, where the production is strictly supervised.

The price of this caviar can range from $40 to $50 per ounce, depending on its origin and quality. The high price is due to the limited availability of this fish and the time-consuming process of producing the caviar, however, you’ll find that as premium caviars go, sterlet is on the more affordable price spectrum, with wonderful flavor and texture that makes this worth a try.

Sterlet Caviar Questions And Answers

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