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Gourmet Food StoreWagyu Beef And Specialty MeatsBison/BuffaloBison Tenderloins (5-7 lbs.) - Whole
American Bison Tenderloins (5-7 lbs.) - Whole

Bison Tenderloins (5-7 lbs.) - Whole

from United States by Broadleaf
4 pcs, 6 lbs ea, whole, uncut chilled $45.58 $1094.00 2053406
4 pcs, 6 lbs ea, whole, uncut frozen $45.58 $1094.00 2053405
3 pcs, 5 lbs ea, uncut frozen $41.88 $628.25 2053417
3 pcs, 5 lbs ea, uncut chilled $42.98 $644.75 2053418

Bison Tenderloins (5-7 lbs.) - Whole

Wow, your friends and family, and impress your guests by preparing and serving gourmet bison tenderloin! Incredibly tender and juicy, this delightful portion will become your new favorite tradition for holidays and celebrations! Melt in your mouth and velvety, you’ll love the bold flavor of our premium bison from Broadleaf. One of the tenderest cuts of meat available, it’s a versatile piece that does just as nicely sliced down into individual filets as served as a whole roast!

What is Tenderloin?

The tenderloin: is sourced from the area situated directly beneath the long loin, butting against the spine. The portion is a long cylinder-shaped piece of meat with one end significantly narrower than the other. Towards the butt, the filet increases in size and diameter and becomes part of the Porterhouse steak.

One of the most famous red meat portions, the tenderloin, has many names. When sliced down into individual steaks, you’ll often find it referred to as filet mignon, kept as the whole roast it’s known as Chateaubriand. Filets, medallions, tournedos, and more, the possibilities and the names of this portion are practically limitless!

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2053406 4 pcs, 6 lbs ea, whole, uncut 22.00 lbs. - 26.00 lbs. $45.58
2053405 4 pcs, 6 lbs ea, whole, uncut 22.00 lbs. - 26.00 lbs. $45.58
2053417 3 pcs, 5 lbs ea, uncut 14.00 lbs. - 16.00 lbs. $41.88
2053418 3 pcs, 5 lbs ea, uncut 14.00 lbs. - 16.00 lbs. $42.98