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Berkshire Pork Bellies, Boneless

from United States by Heritage Berkshire
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9 lbs chilled $19.08 $171.72
4 x 9 lbs chilled $15.38 $553.68

Berkshire Pork Bellies, Boneless

Our colossal 9-pound Berkshire pork bellies are bursting with rich flavor and a meltingly tender texture. Taken from the underside of the hog, this succulent cut, in its unprocessed form, presents endless culinary possibilities. Fatty, crispy and complex, pork belly when cooked slow and steady, is rendered silky and luxurious. The thick layer of fat infuses the meat with savory flavor, while the meat develops just the right amount of chew and the skin crisps to perfection. A triple threat, each one of the layers of pork belly, provides a different experience, and when enjoyed together, offers a truly remarkable gastronomic adventure.

This flavorful cut is best prepared in a low, slow method. That can be a classic wet preparation, like braising or dry heat cooking like oven roasting. Both preparations benefit from a final sear at the end to crisp the surface of your meat and add a delightful contrast of textures and a beautiful golden color.

While already a favorite cut for so many reasons, pork belly is rendered that much more delicious when made from heritage Berkshire pork. Beloved in Japan, you may have also seen this breed of pork marketed as Kurobuta. Berkshire pork has been highly regarded as some of the best pork available for centuries. The food of royalty, this British breed of hog, was bred and reared specifically as the king’s personal meat supply. A true work of genius, masterful breeding created a pig of exceptional qualities. Prized for its superior marbling, robust flavor profile, and succulent texture, Berkshire is considered the Wagyu beef of the pork world!

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Meat and Game: Berkshire Kurobuta Pork, Pork
Cuts: Pork Belly
Origin: United States

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Questions and Answers

Q:Are these pork bellies skin on or skin off?
A:These pork bellies are skinless.

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2029601 9 lbs 8.00 lbs. - 10.00 lbs. $19.08
2029601 9 lbs 8.00 lbs. - 10.00 lbs. $19.08
2029602 4 x 9 lbs 32.00 lbs. - 40.00 lbs. $15.38
2029602 4 x 9 lbs 32.00 lbs. - 40.00 lbs. $15.38
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