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Lychee Puree

Indulge in the finest lychees, meticulously picked at peak ripeness, and preserved through low-temperature pasteurization to retain their nutritional and sensory qualities. Created for both seasoned chefs and home kitchen enthusiasts, they deliver the essence of sweet, ripe fruit with every spoonful!
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1 - 3 of 3 products
1 - 3 of 3 products
Lychee Puree
Lychee Puree
from France by Boiron

For our favorite: Lychee martini! Sweet and refreshing Lychee puree.

Lychee Puree
Lychee Puree
from France by La Fruitiere

Delicate, fragrant lychee is pureed into an exotic infusion for cocktails, smoothies and desserts

Lychee Puree
Lychee Puree
from France by Ravifruit

Add the subtly sweet and delightfully aromatic flavor of lychees to all your favorite dishes with this frozen fruit puree!

1 - 3 of 3 products

About Our Lychee Frozen Purees:

  • Pure and Simple: Our frozen purees boast a luscious blend of 90% pure lychee, gently sweetened with natural cane sugar. For those watching sugar intake, we offer a 100% fruit variant and versions with added sugar.
  • Smart Packaging: Conveniently packed in trays with a resealable lid and a peel-off safety film, each 1kg container ensures that your lychee puree stays fresh and ready to use.
  • User-Friendly Design: From easy serving to precise portioning, our trays are crafted to make your lychee experience hassle-free.
  • Space-Saving: With minimal volume, these trays snugly fit into your freezer or refrigerator, leaving ample space for other culinary essentials.
  • Quality Assurance: No preservatives or thickening agents are added, giving you a pure product of the highest quality.

100% Lychee Fruit Purees:

  • True Lychee Essence: Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of lychee with our 100% fruit purees, allowing you to control the sweetness to suit your palate.
  • Ready When You Are: These purees are not just convenient; they're ready to use, saving you precious time in the kitchen without compromising on flavor.
  • Extended Freshness: Revel in the extended preservation period post-defrosting, lasting between 10 and 15 days, giving you the flexibility to plan your culinary creations.

How to Use Lychee Purees:

Get ready to elevate your dishes with the unique essence of lychee. Here are some creative and mouthwatering ways to use it:

  1. Exquisite Cocktails: Craft delightful lychee-infused cocktails by blending with spirits, adding a touch of sophistication to your mixology.
  2. Dessert Extravaganza: Elevate your sweet treats by incorporating into homemade ice creams, sorbets, tarts, and cakes. The subtle sweetness and floral notes of lychee will transform your desserts into culinary masterpieces.
  3. Yogurt Parfait: Upgrade your daily yogurt routine by swirling in a spoonful of lychee puree. It adds a burst of flavor and turns a simple snack into a gourmet delight.
  4. Savory Surprises: Break away from the sweet paradigm and experiment with savory dishes. Use as a marinade or glaze for meats, bringing a unique twist to your savory creations.

Order now and unlock the potential of your culinary imagination. Infuse your dishes with the distinctive taste of lychee and embark on a flavorful journey!

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