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Saffron Mousse

from Italy by Terra Del Tuono
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Saffron Mousse

Our Balsamic Saffron Mousse provides a sumptuous decorative tool for all chefs, amateur and professional alike. Easy to apply, it has a silky-smooth texture and eyecatching appearance, adding aesthetic appeal to a number of dishes. Best of all, it has been infused with not one but two precious and highly sought-after delicacies: balsamic vinegar of Modena, and saffron spice.

The balsamic vinegar of Modena brings a tart, fruity flavor thanks to the concentrated must of white grapes and white wine vinegar. Saffron, on the other hand, adds floral afternotes that are completely unique to this spice, considered the most highly sought-after spice in the world.

Use this mousse to enhance almost any savory dish, ranging from fish, meat and vegetables to smaller appetizers, hors d’oeuvre and snacks.

This mousse was created by Terra Del Tuono, an Italian family-run business with a mission to produce the best balsamic vinegar of Modena. By using traditional techniques passed down for generations, and by taking advantage of the unique changing seasons of northern Italy, they formulate balsamic vinegar products that are innovative, sophisticated, and imbued with the flavors of nature.

Ingredients: condiment with saffron concentrated must of white grapes, white wine vinegar, saffron. emulsifiers: E472b, E477; glucose syrup stabilizer: E415; soy flour. Propellant: nitrous oxide
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