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Wild-Caught Deepsea Red Crab Meat - Fully Cooked

from Indonesia by Savory
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Wild-Caught Deepsea Red Crab Meat - Fully Cooked

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Wild-Caught Deepsea Red Crab Meat. Sourced and curated by Marky's, a renowned name in gourmet delights, this delicacy brings the essence of the deep sea straight to your table. Its tender pink flesh and succulent texture distinguish this crab meat as a standout choice among seafood enthusiasts.

Fully Cooked Wild-Caught Deepsea Red Crab Meat is a premium seafood offering harvested from the deepest depths of the ocean. Sustainably sourced, this crab is caught in the Southeast Atlantic Ocean using pots and traps, an artisanal technique which helps preserve the seafloor and avoid by-catch.

Prized for its sweetness and delicate texture, our fully-cooked crab meat will elevate your culinary creations. Ready to inspire a world of gastronomic possibilities: from crafting indulgent crab cakes to infusing pasta dishes with its luxurious sweetness, crab meat shines as a versatile ingredient. Its succulent characteristics transform salads into gourmet masterpieces, while its delicate richness elevates risottos to new heights.

Ingredients: Deepsea red crab (Chaceon quinquedens), salt.
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