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White Sesame Paste

from United States by Wadaman
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White Sesame Paste

A staple in Chinese and Japanese kitchens, sesame paste is a must-have ingredient for many beloved and traditional dishes in Asian culture. Indeed, sesame seeds are a ubiquitous ingredient in many Asian dishes, and with good reason: sesame is full of flavorful oil, which when pressed out and extracted, condenses loads of umami and nutrition and a particular caramelized taste and nutty flavor.

Our White Sesame Paste from Wadaman is a rich, thickly texture paste that’s made from toasted white seasame seeds grown in Japan. Etsuji Wada, the 4th generation owner of Wadaman, personally oversees, and has done so for 40 years, the toasting of the seeds, earning him the accolade of “best roaster in Japan”. He succeeds in coaxing out a delicately nuanced flavor and aroma from the seeds, which then translates to this creamy paste.

How do you use white sesame paste? Endless ways! Toss it with rice noodles and ramen, blend with other sauces for a flavorful dip, or use as a filling for traditional Chinese buns. Make sure you mix the sauce before using, as you’ll notice some separation of the oil at the top. Very important: don’t confuse Chinese sesame paste with tahini, which is also made from sesame paste and it’s what you use for hummus. Tahini is also sesame paste, but unlike the sesame seeds in Chinese white sesame paste, they’re added raw, missing that mild and delicately flavor.

Ingredients: white sesame seeds
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Asian Ingredient Categories: Sesame Paste
Origin: United States

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