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Black Sesame Paste

from United States by Wadaman
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Black Sesame Paste

This smooth puree of black sesame seeds from Wadaman is bursting with rich and toasty notes of intense flavor. Similar to tahini in its consistency, our black sesame paste can be used in both sweet or savory applications. Ideal for adding an earthy depth of flavor to dishes, black sesame is more complex than white or golden sesame products and lends a slight bitterness to recipes giving them nuance and distinctiveness.

Characterized by its deeply aromatic toasty undertones, this sesame seed paste is especially great incorporated into desserts, cutting through the richness of dairy and balancing sweetness. Popular in ice creams and swirled through brownies for these exact reasons, if you like the bittersweetness of dark chocolate in your recipes, you’ll love what Wadaman’s black sesame paste brings to the table. For visual contrast and an earthy counterpoint, drizzle this delightful paste over dishes, or incorporate into doughs, batters, and dressings for bold color and flavor.

Also known as kurogoma in Japan, the use of black sesame paste in cooking dates back centuries. Wadaman, a fifth-generation company, specializes in the creation of sesame products. Lauded for their masterful roasting and meticulous grinding techniques, Wadaman has created a name for itself as the foremost purveyor of artisan sesame pastes and oils in Japan. Sourcing their seeds from the world’s best growers before going through a painstaking multi-step sorting and cleaning process, only the best sesame seeds ever make it to the roasting stage.

Wadaman roasts all three varieties of seeds - white, golden, and black. The roasting process varies slightly for each variant, altered based on the fat content. While the roasting develops and enhances the initial flavors of the sesame, the grinding step is no less important. Using a ceramic grinder the toasted seeds are passed through it, not once but multiple times, until the paste reaches the perfect texture. The care and passion put into the creation of each jar of black sesame seed paste is apparent, from the first whiff of its singular aroma to each taste of its delicious flavor. Try it for yourself today and start adding the exceptional quality of premium black sesame paste to all your culinary creations!

Ingredients: black sesame seeds
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Asian Ingredient Categories: Sesame Paste
Origin: United States

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