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Veal Tongues

from Canada by Le Quebecois
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
2.50 lbs frozen $23.56 $58.90
3 x 2.50 lbs frozen $21.20 $159.00

Veal Tongues

Smaller than beef tongue with a more delicate flavor profile, our veal tongue is a subtle, more refined option. Its velvety, tender texture, coupled with a unique taste, makes it the perfect platform for all manner of vibrant sauces. Braised, boiled, pickled, or roasted, create delicious meals with our gourmet veal tongues!

The first of its kind, Le Québécois’ veal program is leading the way when it comes to producing high-quality gourmet veal products. Their veal program combines USDA All Natural status with humane animal husbandry, full traceability, and sustainable farming practices. An impressive list for any meat producer, and even more so for a veal farm; you can order with abandon from Le Québécois knowing you’re getting only the best.

A versatile and delicious portion; many pass over the option of using tongue in their recipes. Whether this choice comes from a lack of knowledge or intimidation, veal tongue is a healthy, delicious, and sustainable option we can all enjoy! The veal sourced from Le Québécois and available here at Gourmet Food Store comes from grain-fed calves. Raised free of hormones or antibiotics, they are not only some of the most delicious on the market but a wholesome and healthy choice.

Part of a traceability program that follows the veal from farm to table, you can easily find out everything about the portion you’re purchasing, ensuring you’re getting the highest quality meat on the market.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Origin: Canada

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2066201 2.50 lbs 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $23.56
2066201 2.50 lbs 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $23.56
2066202 3 x 2.50 lbs 6.50 lbs. - 8.50 lbs. $21.20
2066202 3 x 2.50 lbs 6.50 lbs. - 8.50 lbs. $21.20
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