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Tea Forte Hanami Green Tea Infusers

from United States by Tea Forte
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10 infusers petite presentation box room temp $32.40 $32.40 42071201
8 x 10 infusers petite presentation box room temp $29.16 $233.28 42071202

Tea Forte Hanami Green Tea Infusers

This award-winning combination from Tea Forte combines tart cherries, aromatic flowers, and the zing of green tea to create a delightfully unique drinking experience. Named after the annual Japanese cherry blossom festival; its delicate flavors invite tea lovers from around the world to appreciate the fleeting beauty of the spring flowers in bloom no matter where they are or which season they’re in.

Characterized by its light and fresh notes of flavor, the Cherry Blossom Hanami tea blend was released to the immediate praise of tea aficionados and master tasters from around the world. Awarded the silver medal at the global tea championships, it remains a favorite among all who try it. Breathe in and appreciate the fleeting beauty of the spring blossoms with a cup of Hanami Green tea from Tea Forte.

The petit presentation box is the perfect way to introduce yourself or a friend to the submersive experience of drinking Tea Forte. An excellent gift and a convenient pantry staple, be sure to keep one on hand whenever you plan to entertain. Each tasteful box is a beautiful addition to the table, and its hinged lid opens to reveal ten distinct pyramid infusers. Perfectly portioned, they each contain the ideal amount of loose leaf tea to create the ultimate cup. The Hanami custom revolves around savoring the fleeting season while it lasts. Inspired by this ancient tradition, we invite you to revel in the joys of spring with each cup of Hanami you make.

Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic cherry (organic cherries, organic apple juice concentrate, organic rice flour, organic sunflower oil), natural flavors, organic rose petals.
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