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Champagne Vinegar

Champagne Vinegar

from United States by Sparrow Lane
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Champagne Vinegar

Made in the famed Napa Valley region of California, our Sparrow Lane Champagne vinegar is our new favorite condiment! Boasting a gorgeous golden hue, this bright yet delicate vinegar has the ability to perk up any dish and revive well-worn recipes with its singularly delightful characteristics. With a relatively low acidity content (6%), our Champagne vinegar is ideally suited to the making of vinaigrettes and marinades, and the dressing of fresh vegetables or grilled fish. Incredibly versatile champagne vinegar will add character and infuse zest into any dish with its singularly delicious taste.

We’re proud to be partnering with California’s own Sparrow Lane to bring you one of the finest Champagne vinegars on the market. Sparrow Lane has created a name for themselves among vinegar and oil producers in the United States with their line of premier barrel-aged vinegars. Starting with only the finest ingredients, Sparrow Lane relies on the near-by Napa and Sonoma Valleys for all their wine. Using the local bounty, all the ingredients used in the manufacturing of these vinegars come from less than 500 miles away. Boasting 100% delicious natural ingredients, their condiments never contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sugars. Thanks to their dedication to producing only the finest vinegars, foodies, chefs, and foodservice professionals, all look to Sparrow Lane when stocking their pantries!

Ingredients: Champagne Vinegar, 6% Acidity.
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