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Coconut Puree

from France by Ravifruit
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1 tub - 2.2 lbs chilled $17.27 $38.00
5 tubs - 2.2 lbs ea chilled $16.25 $178.75

Coconut Puree

Offering a singularly delicious flavor profile, the coconut puree from Ravifruit offers a luscious creaminess. Providing a rich mouthfeel: this buttery puree will bring a full-bodied texture and coconutty taste you’ll love. Made from pure Indonesian coconut: our puree is 100% real. Pulverized into a silky paste, it's ready to be incorporated into all your favorite recipes.

A true delight in so many different applications, create stand out desserts, dinners, and cocktails with the help of this ingredient. The ideal choice for ice creams, sorbets, fruit mousses, bavarois and charlottes, the list of possibilities doesn’t end with sweets. Add to sauces, marinades, drinks, and much more to quickly and easily infuse what you’re making with coconut!

Completely natural, the fruit purees from Ravifruit are composed of just two ingredients: ripe, fresh fruit and sugar. Using a ratio of 90% fruit to 10% sugar, they offer a puree that has significantly more produce and less sweetener than other similar products on the market, making them the wholesome, healthy choice. With no additives, preservatives, coloring agents, or artificial flavorings, you’ll get the authentic taste of this coconut at its finest with Ravifruit’s frozen fruit purees.

Ingredients: Coconut puree 90%, sugar 10%
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Types of Frozen Fruit: Fruit Puree
Brands: Ravifruit
Fruit Flavors: Coconut

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