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Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar

from United States by Iio Jozo
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Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar

Boasting a beautiful deep red hue and an aromatic, slightly earthy flavor profile, this purple sweet potato vinegar from Iio Jozo is an excellent example of artisan vinegar at its finest. This high-quality Japanese condiment is made through a combination of traditional techniques and premium locally-grown ingredients. Made from just three components (water, purple sweet potato, and rice) you won’t find any preservatives, stabilizers additives, or artificial colors here, just 100% organic vinegar. As versatile as it is delicious, this sensational product is excellent for a wide range of preparations. Use it in anything from sauces, stews, and salads to pickles and sushi rice, even cocktails can benefit from the singularly delicious flavor of our purple sweet potato vinegar.

Like all their vinegars, Iio Jozo first creates sake. For this variety, local purple sweet potatoes are used. The alcohol is then slowly fermented over eight months. The finished condiment is slightly earthy on the nose and the palate, punctuated by a balancing tartness. During the aging process, the vinegar is transformed both in flavor and color, achieving a lovely deep purple. Its bold hue lends exceptional color as well as flavor to all your favorite preparations and makes a striking presentation.

One of the most respected and sought-after vinegar makers in the world, Iio Jozo, is based in a small town just outside the main city of Kyoto. The 123-year-old family-owned and operated vinegar brewery came to fame two generations ago when they began to produce 100% organic rice vinegar. Unlike other mass-produced rice vinegar that is typically fermented for two days, Iio vinegars are fermented for 100 before they start their eight-month aging process. The organic locally-grown rice used to make their vinegars is polished to a premium grade, the kind you might find in high-quality sake. While other vinegar makers use around 40g of rice per liter of vinegar, Iio Jozo uses 200g, with premium versions containing as much as 340g. Their commitment to producing high-quality products from premium ingredients has proved to be an excellent combination, one that's sure to win over your palate with the very first taste.

Ingredients: water, purple sweet potato, rice
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Asian Ingredient Categories: Asian Vinegar
Origin: United States

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