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Whole Poussin Chicken

from United States by Palmetto Farms
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Whole Poussin Chicken

The perfect size to provide a generous single serving, what the Poussin chicken lacks in proportion, it more than makes up for in flavor! Bring an elegant look to the table and impress your guests with the sensational flavor and juicy texture of our whole Poussins from Palmetto farms!

A favorite among chefs and foodies for its exquisite tenderness and flavorful flesh, you may also see the Poussin under the name Spring chicken. While the word ‘Spring' may lead you to believe Poussin is a seasonal item, it doesn’t have any bearing on the time of year harvested, just the birds age. Harvested before it has any time to develop dark meat, whole Poussin consists of only white meat. Leaner with a mild taste and sweet finish, Poussin is often referred to as the veal of the poultry world.

Sourced from South Carolina's own Palmetto Pigeon Plantation. Established in 1923, Palmetto farms have been providing the United States with some of the best poultry in the country. Antibiotic, growth-stimulant, and hormone-free, their whole Poussin is raised under a stress-free environment to help them reach their full potential in terms of taste and tender texture. Minimally processed and individually vacuum-sealed, great care is taken to ensure the consistent quality of these birds from birth to processing and finally packaging.

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Poultry/Fowl: Chicken
Cuts: Whole Birds

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