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Noel Dark Chocolate Pistoles - Bittersweet 68%, Morogoro

from Italy by Noel
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Noel Dark Chocolate Pistoles - Bittersweet 68%, Morogoro

Rich and flavorful these dark chocolate pistoles are a great all-purpose chocolate to keep on hand for a wide range of uses. Their bittersweet flavor is crisp and cocoa-forward but finishes with notes of dried fruit and spice. Complex enough to add interest yet not overpowering, the Morogoro is an immediate favorite of all who try it.

The bittersweet Morogoro represents the newest addition to Cocoa Noel’s Boutique Chocolate collection. A line of single-origin chocolate, each iteration is carefully crafted to allow the beans to show their distinct flavor profile. Sourced from Tanzania (crafted from Trinitario beans), Morogoro boasts the perfect balance of flavor. 68% cocoa, it has a bold chocolate taste layered throughout with warming notes of cardamom.

Shaped into small flat buttons or pistoles, weighing and measuring is easy, melting becomes quick and efficient, and tempering becomes stress-free. In short, working with your chocolate becomes much simpler. Dip, enrobe, finish, and decorate all your sweet creations with this delicious and easy-to-use dark chocolate couverture from Cocoa Noel!

Ingredients: Cocoa Min 68%, Cocoa Mass, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin. Total Cocoa Butter Fat= 41% *Contains: Soy. May Contain: Milk.
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