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Osetra Caviar Taster Set

from Israel by Markys
This gift set includes:
  • 0.50 oz, glass jar, Osetra Caviar - Malossol
  • 0.50 oz, glass jar, Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar - Malossol
  • 0.50 oz jar, Special Reserve Osetra Caviar - Malossol
  • 36 piece pack, Mini Blini - Hand Made
  • 8.0 oz, Creme Fraiche
Optional items:
  •   4.5 inch spoon, Mother of Pearl serving spoon [Add $16.20]
  •   7 cm spoon, Mother of Pearl serving spoon [Add $5.38]
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Osetra Caviar Taster Set

Osetra Caviar Taster Set includes 3 premium Osetra caviars in miniature-sized containers, alongside blinis and crème fraiche, so you can sample the caviars with ease and elegance. Like all our caviar taster sets, this set lets you “taste” caviars in small servings, so you can figure out which you enjoy most.
The 3 caviars include:

Osetra Caviar: small to medium-sized grains with low salt balance and subtly crisp flavor. Their color varies from greenish to light and dark brown. This is a great Osetra Caviar to start with.

Osetra Golden Imperial Caviar: a deluxe Osetra caviar characterized by large, translucent eggs that are intensely yellow. This is an Osetra geared towards caviar connoisseurs who expect nothing less than perfection.

Special Reserve Osetra Caviar: This caviar offers the biggest and most flavorful eggs, specially-selected for its extremely high quality and luxurious flavor. Farmed in state-of-the-art aquafarms in Israel, this Osetra Sturgeon yields buttery, golden eggs that are the ultimate in Osetra caviar.

Optional Mother of Pearl serving spoons can be added to this set. These will not spoil the taste of the caviars like metallic spoons do, so we recommend buying them if you don’t have some already.
Buy caviar online from Gourmet Food Store, and we’ll deliver it to your home or business using chilled packaging, keeping it as fresh as if just plucked from the water!

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Brand: Markys Caviar
Types of Caviar Sets: Caviar Tasting Sets
Included Caviar: Osetra

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