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Honey Sweetened Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar

Honey Sweetened Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar

from United States by Iio Jozo
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Honey Sweetened Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar

In culinary and foodie circles Iio Jozo’s rice vinegar is a cult item, a rare artisan organic vinegar made by Japan’s premier vinegar makers. Enter yet another of their rare offerings - Beniimosu, or sweet potato vinegar.

This brilliantly colored condiment is on par with Italy’s finest balsamics (some will argue, it’s even better). Like all their other exclusive vinegars, this is made by distilling the sweet potato into sake first, and then transforming that into high quality vinegar. This controls the entire process, and it’s one of the reasons this 125-year-old company is hailed as the best vinegar brewery in the world. The vinegar is a deep purple color, the flavor sweet, with a perfectly balanced acidity and tartness, really unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Taking it one step beyond, Lio Tozo adds honey to his already perfect sweet potato vinegar, for extra sweetness.

There are endless uses for Honey Sweetened Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar, in both savory and sweet applications. Drizzled over vanilla ice cream it’s sublime, but you can also add it to pretty much any beverage or cocktail for a delicious twist. Whip up delicious vinaigrettes for salads or blended with soy sauce. Add to stews, to meats, anywhere you want a bit of tangy sweetness. Mix it with a sticky rice and enjoy a filling, unique meal.

Ingredients: water, purple sweet potato, rice, honey
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