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About Emailed Gift Certificate

Available in any amount that you set, this gift certificate is emailed directly to your recipient.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day. Ships free via USPS, unless you select a faster shipping option during checkout.

Product Reviews

Did get the gift card in my email ....
Erin from Curtis, WA
i redeived a gift card to a great place
Holly from

Questions and Answers

Q:I want to purchase a gift card: but don't want the recipient to know until she opens the card up. Can I use my email address instead of hers? will it cause an issue when she goes to use the gift card?
A:Yes. You can send the emailed gift certificate to your personal email address. The recipient will not have any issues afterwards applying the code. The recipient would just need to create their own account on our site and simply apply the code during their checkout.
Q:My husband and I received a gift certificate recently. How long is it valid for purchases? There is no expiration date on it.
A:Gift certificates are valid for one year upon receipt.
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