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Emperior Osetra Caviar Gift Set

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This gift set includes:
  • 1 oz, glass jar, Emperior Osetra Caviar - Malossol
  • 1 oz, glass jar, Emperior Osetra Karat Caviar - Black, Malossol
  • 1 oz, glass jar, Emperior Osetra Karat Caviar - Amber, Malossol
  • 36 piece pack, Mini Blini - Hand Made
  • 8.0 oz, Creme Fraiche
  • 3 x 7 cm spoon, Small Mother of Pearl Caviar Serving Spoon
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Emperior Osetra Caviar Gift Set

A celebration of Osetra at its finest, our Emperior Osetra Caviar Gift Set includes three of our favorite iterations of this classic Russian roe. From the caviar itself to the traditional pairings of blini and creme fraiche, this gift set includes everything you need to have (or give) an amazing caviar eating experience. But wait, there’s more! Along with our premium caviar, we even include three mother-of-pearl serving spoons to ensure you get the very best flavor out of your caviar!

Each of our varieties of Osetra is preserved in the Malossol method. Meaning ‘little salt’ in Russian, Malossol is the technique of adding just enough (between 3-5%) salt to highlight and enhance the natural flavors of the caviar. It also acts as a preservative, lengthening the short shelf life of the incredibly fragile eggs. The Malossol preservation technique is reserved for only the highest grades of caviar to ensure they will be preserved and enjoyed at their best.

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Included Caviar: Osetra
Brand: Emperior Caviar
Types of Caviar Sets: Caviar Entertaining Sets

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