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Apricot Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Give your crumbles, cobblers and cocktails a fruity makeover with our puree made of sweet-tart Bergeron apricots.
Blackcurrant Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Juicy summer blackcurrants pulped into an intensely flavored puree, ready to brighten sorbets, sauces, smoothies and desserts.
Blood Orange Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Elevate your sangrias, sorbets and vinaigrettes with the frozen juice concentrate of tart, citrusy and crimson-hued Sicilian blood orange.
Chocolate Coffee Beans - 43.5%
from France by Cacao Barry
An excellent filling, topping or garnish for desserts, sweets and pastries, these chocolates are shaped like coffee beans, with added coffee flavor.
Ciabatta Dinner Rolls - Frozen
from France by Delifrance
Create classic European-style sandwiches, paninis and appetizers with these rustic rectangular ciabatta loafs from France.
Coconut Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Thai coconut meat is crushed into a creamy, tropical puree for world-class pina coladas, coconut puddings, Asian curries, ice creams and much more.
Jambon de Bayonne Ham - Boneless, Dry Cured
from France by Delpeyrat
This air-cured French delicacy with bone removed is mild and tender with only a hint of saltiness.
International Favorites Cheese Board
Everything you need for a classic French cheeseboard, including 3 sumptuous French cheeses, honey, serrano ham and figs with almonds.
French Cheese Board 2
A ready-made assortment to impress even the most discerning cheese connoisseur; includes cheeses, prosciutto di parma, sugared almonds and dates with walnuts.
French Cheese Sampler Board
from France by
A collection of five signature and iconic French cheeses for a ready-made cheese board with no effort.
French Raclette
from France by Fromi
A winter favorite in France and Switzerland, this semi-hard cow's milk cheese is often enjoyed melted over breads, meats and other dishes.
Green Apple Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Made from sweet, tart Loire Valley Granny Smiths, this puree infuses orchard-fresh flavors into your baking and beverages.
Iberico Pork Chorizo Sausage, Spicy
from Spain by Fermin
Rich and mouthwatering Iberico pork chorizo with a fiery twist, thanks to spicy-hot paprika and other seasonings
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International Favorites Cheese Board
Create a diverse and delicious cheese plate with a selection of cheeses and accoutrements from France, Spain and Italy.
Isingy Salted Butter Refills Sampler
from France by Isigny
A set of 1-ounce salted Isigny butter refills along with ceramic butter holders to serve this acclaimed French butter with style.
Italian Table Gift Set | Gourmet Food Store
from Italy by Il Boschetto
A beautiful, practical seasoning kit with 4 Italian essentials - olive oil, red wine vinegar, sea salt and black pepper. 
Kalamansi Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
This tangerine-kumquat hybrid brings a range of flavors (orange, lemon, pineapple, to name a few) to cocktails, desserts and savory dishes.
Lime Fruit Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Reinvent your margaritas, mojitos, key lime pies and more with this fresh, citrusy and all natural puree made from real limes and a touch of cane sugar.
Lychee Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Delicate, fragrant lychee is pureed into an exotic infusion for cocktails, smoothies and desserts
Mandarine Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Concentrated juice made with Sicilian mandarins, adding a summery, citrusy punch to sorbets, cocktails and glazes.
Mango Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Infuse your ice creams, smoothies, cocktails and salsas with the real tropical flavor of juicy yellow mango.
Marrons Glaces - Candied Chestnuts
from France by Sabaton
Sweet and addictive French chestnuts peeled and candied in syrup, presented in a pretty wooden box.
Mimolette - Aged 12 Months
from France by Fromage Marquis
A vibrant orange cow's milk cheese from France with a buttery flavor of caramel and butterscotch.
Oblacinska Morello Cherry Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
This smooth dark puree made from morello cherries is a great enhancement for cherry pies and other baked recipes.
5 out of 5 stars rating (1 review)
"White Gold" Parmigiano Reggiano
from Italy by La Traversetoles
From cows raised on grass, hay and flax, this Parmigiano Reggiano is bursting with unique flavor and aroma.
Passion Fruit Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Use this tropical and tangy passion fruit puree for exotic cocktails, sorbets, desserts and smoothies
Pineapple Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Make any dish taste of summer with this natural, sweet and tropical pineapple puree.
Pink Guava Puree
from France by La Fruitiere
Make your cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and desserts taste like paradise with this vibrant puree made from South African pink guava.
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