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Villars Swiss Chocolate

Villars is renowned for its incredible contribution to the world of chocolate. Producing some of the finest chocolates on the market, their emphasis on quality, and their dedication to consistency, make them some of the best in the business. With an expansive range of dark chocolate in varying percentages, milk chocolate assortments, and delightful nut-filled bars perfect for serving and snacking, browse our complete selection of their luxurious chocolates below.
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Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate with Almonds
from Switzerland by Villars
A delicate blend of luscious dark chocolate and crunchy toasted almonds make this combination one of our most popular!
Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts
from Switzerland by Villars
Using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, Villars chocolate is unrivaled in terms of taste and quality.
Villars Swiss Dark Chocolate with Nougat
from Switzerland by Villars
A delicious combination, silky dark chocolate is punctuated by the crunch of Swiss nougat in this delightful candy bar.
Villars Collection Pure Swiss Milk Chocolate - 32%
from Switzerland by Villars
The perfect Swiss chocolate bar, made with certified sustainable cacao beans and pure swiss milk.
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Villars Collection Pure Swiss Dark Chocolate - 85%
from Switzerland by Villars
Made from sustainable cocoa this 85% dark chocolate bar boasts a deep and complex flavor.
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Villars Collection Pure Swiss Dark Chocolate - 72%
from Switzerland by Villars
A harmonious balance of sweetness and bitterness, this pure dark chocolate boasts distinct notes of vanilla.
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About Villars Swiss Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Villars has always put the highest emphasis on quality, and thanks to their location, they start their milk chocolate bars with some of the best dairy products available anywhere in the world. Located in the rich pastures of the Fribourg region of Switzerland, the lush grasses and local flora imbue the impossibly creamy fresh milk with a luxurious quality that translates into some of the most exquisite chocolate on the market. The king of milks, you’ll hear some refer to Swiss milk as “white gold,” enriching each bar with remarkable smoothness and singularly delicious taste.

Dark Chocolate

While Villars milk chocolate relies on the incredible quality of premium Swiss milk, their dark chocolate offerings instead focus on the cacao. Criollo, Forastero, or Trinitario, there are a staggering number of cocoa bean varieties in the world, each with its own unique characteristics. A hint of cinnamon from Ecuador, the subtle bloom of coconut from the Ivory Coast, or the underlying nuance of bananas from Madagascar; each region adds something to the beans they produce. At Villars, cacao is carefully sourced based on those nuances of aroma and flavor and roasted in small batches to highlight and enhance their individuality. Their master chocolatiers then combine them in just the right ratio to offer superior flavor and complexity.

Whether you prefer dark or white milk or nut studded, Villars has a chocolate bar to suit your needs. Perfect for everything from baking to snacking, you’ll love the range and possibility of these delightful Swiss chocolate bars!

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