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Italian Chocolates and Sweets

While we're working on our cioccolato section of Italian chocolate desserts and sweets, we would like to introduce Lazzari's Amarena cherries, a superb topping for Italian Gelatto. In addition to this delicious selection of Italian sweets online, also browse our other great chocolate sections: Belgian Chocolate and French chocolate.
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Noel Milk Chocolate Couverture Pistoles - 38%, Vidama
from Italy by Noel
Soft and mellow, this milk chocolate from Cocoa Noel is low in bitterness and acidity but high in flavor!
Noel Dark Chocolate Pistoles - Bittersweet 68%, Morogoro
from Italy by Noel
This dark couverture offers a clean cacao-forward taste with notes of dried fruit and spice.
Italian Colomba Cake - Classic
from Italy by Dolciaria Casa
The perfect balance of taste and texture, this sweet and tender cake boasts flavorful chunks of citrus and the delightful crunch of pearl sugar and roasted almonds.
Italian Colomba Cake with Chocolate
from Italy by Dolciaria Casa
Traditional Italian Colomba cake gets an extra boost of flavor from a delicious addition of premium dark chocolate.
Zabaione (Zabaglione) Dessert Cream
from Italy by Tealdi
Creamy, rich, and boozy, this classic Italian dessert has all the best qualities combined into one knock-out treat!
Italian Black Cherries in Amarena Syrup
from Italy by Toschi
Delicious candied Italian Amarena cherries swim in a thick syrup for ice cream toppings and cakes.
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Fruit Mostarda
from Italy by Lazzaris
A sweet and spicy Italian delicacy of whole fruits preserved in syrup with mustard seed.
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