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Whitefish Caviar

Whitefish, from our own Northern Great Lakes. This fish produces a roe that is small, firm, and, like its name implies, golden in color. It has a great crunchy and crispy texture that pops in the mouth, but with a mild and subtle flavor which makes for a wonderful garnish. Whitefish caviar – is also known as golden whitefish or black whitefish, this roe is distinctive for its bright yellow color or deep black hue, and its small, crunchy eggs. From a freshwater fish that roams the Northern Great Lakes of North America, eggs that are small and glossy, with a crunchy, crisp texture and a mild, mellow taste that foodies adore.

Caviar Source
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1 - 1 of 1 products
American Golden Whitefish Caviar - Malossol
American Golden Whitefish Caviar - Malossol
from United States by Markys

This wonderful caviar from the Northern Great Lakes whitefish is colorful with a crunchy texture.

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Offering a smooth briny flavor and clean finish, whitefish is the ideal choice to help elevate your favorite dishes. Its subtle salty profile makes it one of the most versatile choices, enhancing a wide variety of flavors and recipes. The smaller-sized roe gives a delightful ‘pop’ on the tongue, giving way to a wave of mild flavor.

Preparation and Serving


Eat this roe the same way you would any other high-end caviar or roe! Golden whitefish roe is especially popular in sushi, so you’ll see these colorful beads adorning rolls and nigiri, but the best whitefish roe recipe in our opinion is simply over a traditional Russian blini, with a dollop of crème fraiche and maybe some finely chopped dill and onion. Simple, and classic, this recipe brings out the best of this roe and allows you to savor it fully. Of course, tossing it over pasta or even soups is also a great idea!

Nutrition and Health Benefits

Like most fish eggs, roe from wild whitefish is packed with nutritional and health benefits. Caviar is a source of protein and healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, the latter an essential nutrient that helps keep the heart and the brain healthy, while reducing inflation in the body. The best whitefish caviar properties are a wealth of iron, selenium, and B12 vitamins (so important for our bodies!), plus essential vitamins like A and E.


Wild whitefish caviar populations swim freely in lakes and some rivers and are harvested for roe at maturity. This roe is abundant, which makes golden whitefish caviar prices on the more affordable end of the spectrum. Expect to pay about $13 per ounce for this roe, with black whitefish caviar prices remaining the same as the golden roe variety.

Choosing Gourmet Food Store

If you’re wondering where to buy whitefish caviar, and can’t seem to find it around, Gourmet Food Store is the perfect solution. For over 20 years, we’ve been supplying the best caviar to restaurants and hotels, sourced from the most reputable caviar farms, and delivered right to your doorstep in fresh and pristine condition. We offer a great selection of caviar and roe, in various presentations, and at prices that are perfect for everyone from foodies to caterers.

Whitefish Caviar Questions And Answers

Q:What is Whitefish Caviar?
A:Popular for its striking color and crunchy texture, this delightful caviar offers a mild flavor and an elegant look that make it the perfect choice for a wide range of culinary uses.
Q:How do you Eat Whitefish Caviar?
A:With its mild flavor profile and clean finish, this roe is one of our most versatile. Popular in sushi preparations, add a refined look and delicious flavor to almost any recipe with a spoonful of these premium fish eggs!
Q:What Does Whitefish Roe Taste Like?
A:With a mild briny flavor and a crisp finish, this roe is loved for its crunchy texture. Smooth and slightly salty, these all-purpose eggs enhance a wide range of other flavors, making it one of our most versatile choices!
Q:Where to Buy Whitefish Caviar?
A:Purchase this delightful roe along with a carefully curated selection of other premium caviars right here on our Gourmet Food Store website!
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